Introducing PlaceLab

by PlaceLab TeamSep 9th, 2019

Welcome to PlaceLab, EQ Office’s official blog. We're excited to share this space where we’ll be exploring the intersection of physical space and company culture. We are curious about how we can adapt our workspaces to the changing world of life at work, particularly to attract, retain, and inspire talent.

The challenge is that the way we work has changed. Technology has elevated talent’s expectations. Work is highly flexible, mobile, and decentralized. As a result, companies need more agile ways of working. How should we reframe our notions of what a workspace is, does, and can be? How can we use space to transform the experience of the people who occupy the space? How can we create a space for the modern workforce that reflects a company’s energy and culture?

We believe there’s a certain alchemy that is required to turn a physical space into a dynamic, flourishing place where people feel inspired to perform at their most effective and creative best – and there are many layers to it. PlaceLab examines these layers with stories, profiles, best practices, and experts. We are about seeking and sharing ideas and perspectives, and even challenging assumptions.

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Let’s work together to create space for humanity and unlock potential.