Jan 27th, 2021

Special Edition: Business Not as Usual

Business is anything but usual right now. Stepping into this new year, we’re still holding more questions than answers. What is the "Future of Work" moving into 2021? This question echoes through virtual meetings across the country, uniting people, organizations and industries around a central opportunity to rethink how, where and why we work.  

This special edition from the editors of PlaceLab explores the top challenges shaping today's work environment and provides our readers with direct insights from Lisa Picard, President & CEO of EQ Office, around understanding the "phygital" future for commercial real estate and related industries. 

Discover the Full Special Edition Below:

Topics covered in this special edition include:

• Q&A With Lisa Picard: Reflections on the Future of Work

• "Finding Purpose in the Pandemic: Designing for the Future in a Time of Uncertainty," Lauren Sozio, SVP of Strategic Marketing at EQ Office

• "At Willis Tower, Community is Still in the Heart of Our 'New Normal,'" David Moore, SVP Portfolio Director at EQ Office