Cultivating Sustainable & Impactful Workplaces

Our ResultsSustainability and Social Impact Report

At EQ, we work to incorporate environmental, social and governance issues most relevant to our teams, customers, investors and other business partners into the way we work. We will continue to align sustainability and social impact initiatives with relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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At EQ, we are committed to reducing our imprint on the environment. This includes supporting the development of a low-carbon economy, as well as working to reduce waste and conserve water, through day-to-day operations and our ecosystem of business partners.

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Sustainable Construction in Action

EQ’s industry-leading business model repositions current spaces rather than creates new spaces from scratch. We repurpose existing materials during redesigns with a holistic perspective, prioritizing sustainability in collaboration with our vendor partners and tenants.


GovernanceConduct and Management

At EQ, governance practices focus on activities to facilitate ethical business practices and manage risks.

In addition to our Sustainability and Social Impact Committee structure, we manage annual reporting through internal quarterly data collection and reporting, which translates into annual external reporting.

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Celebrating Diversity Throughout the Year

Our DEI task force introduced a full calendar of events to celebrate our diverse heritage. In addition to circulating monthly resources and educational materials, the team introduced new events for Women’s History Month, LGBTQ+ Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and Black History Month. During Black History Month in February, the DEI task force steered the organization through meaningful explorations of black history.