EQ Build. Space to break new ground.

We’ll transform your vision into a workplace that feels, activates and performs the way you want it to within a green campus and growing community.

Put your people and purpose first.

We build a human experience, not just a workplace. Thoughtful services, in-person support and enriching communities give your team the care they need to thrive on and off the job.

Shape every detail, from desk to digital.

Build a headquarters on the foundation of your values and culture, from the comfort of every desk chair to a dog-friendly policy.

  • Envision

    Bring to life a branded buildout with the help of our team.

  • Curate

    Offer our services and features, and bring your own.

  • Root

    Build for the future while empowering your team in the present.

  • Adapt

    Evolve your space as your organization transforms.

Workplaces built with purpose, together.

For more than 50 years, we’ve brought together leading partners in design, architecture and management experience to create best-in-class workplaces for all.

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The power of place.

Grow your company with a purpose-built experience created by and for people. We’re extending our ready-when-you-are workspaces and dynamic services to everyone, with the flexibility to adapt to whatever is thrown your way.

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One Coworking

A flexible coworking pass gives you a reserved seat as part of our ecosystem of campuses.

Team Private Suites

Move-in ready private suites and essential services to empower startups and companies on the rise.

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